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Web marketing public speaking in the Bay Area

Grow your organization with in-person Social Media Marketing training from Schipul

Does your business or nonprofit need a boost in the Social Media-sphere?  Is your marketing team ready to take your online strategy to the next level?

Schipul's Web marketing, SEO and social network training is just the thing to jumpstart the future of your marketing success!

Meet a few of our Social Media trainers

Our team is trained in public speaking and rocks some pretty amazing slide deck creation skills, bringing your team or membership organization an entertaining and actionable training experience.

Ed Schipul, CEO

Ed Schipul, CEO and Personal Brand Strategists

With many years of animated speaking and training for thousands of Web-hungry professionals, executives and nonprofit advocates, Ed Schipul is a fantastic addition to any training line-up or luncheon.  Read Ed's blog and visit his Slideshare to view some of his insights.

Email:  communications AT schipul DOT com
Phone:  281.497.6567

Meet more of our fantastic public speakers and empower your people with the marketing strategy tools they need to help you succeed!  Contact us today!

Customized Social Media Marketing training topics

Our team not only lives and breathes online technology and marketing, but help hundreds of clients grow their digital impact through smart networking, personal brand development

We truly walk the walk and help audiences do the same throughout the country.  A few recent Web training presentations have included:

Social Networks for Business
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