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Getting started on Facebook for non-profit organizations


This is a help file originally written for Children's Museums in metropolitan areas that lists how to get started on Facebook. If you can read between the examples, most of this can be used for any organization that has a need for a presence on Facebook.

DON'T BE AFRAID OF TEXT. Read on this is good stuff!

  1. Completion of Profile: ""
    1. Complete your Facebook profile if you have not already.
      1. In your profile, add links back to your main site, blog, twitter,myspace, and other sites that represent your organization.
  2. Survey your current staff ""
    1. To find who has interest. Get the evangelists on board and put them to work.
    2. Invite others who have genuine interest and time to be an admin to help with marketing efforts for your new page.
    3. Encourage others within you organization to add themselves to Facebook and become part of the Facebook Network.
    4. Explain your Facebook initiative to them, including the goals you want to accomplish.
  3. Get Busy adding friends and becoming friends or fans ""
    1. Add Friends of relevant interest
    2. Participate in conversation on their profiles or other business pages
  4. Create a Fan page (do not use a profile page as a business profile or Facebook will delete the page) You will want to create a fan page to represent your business, band, product and more by creating a distinct and customized profile.
        • Brand your page
        • Invite Fans
        • Add content about your organization
        • Send content updates
        • Invite others to administer the page
        • Create Facebook ads
        • Etc.
  5. Join Groups  ""
    1. Join Groups of relevant interest. Search for groups and join groups that have like interest. http://www.facebook.com/groups.php
      For exaple, a Children's Museum may want to join the following groups:
    2. REMEMBER: Social Marketing is a 2 way street. You must participate in conversation for your social marketing to work.


  1. Create Groups and target them as part of your Niche Marketing  ""
    1. Example groups:
      • Magic School Bus Museum Exhibit
      • Para Los Ninos Program for Education
      • Etc. (feature big exhibits)
  1. Add Events at least once a week  ""
    1. Add as many events as you can *only if the events are of value to the community.
    2. You should add 1 event per week so that your fans will get updates.
    3. When you add an event, *invite people to attend if you think they are interested but DO NOT SPAM your friends or fans.

  2. Add Good Facebook applications  ""
    Add applications that will help pimp your page and your product or service. Note some applications are not great so add only things that will help you market and connect. 
    1. Search applications: http://www.facebook.com/apps/
    2. Begin adding and using. *If you don’t get an application don’t add it.
    3. Here are a few you need to add:


  1. Create Facebook Ads ""

    Create Ad to Geo Target audiences and get your message out (this one cost$) http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/?fbid=10568495893&src=fbpg1
    1. Get started on what to promote
    2. Choose Audience Demographics
    3. Create Ad. This can be text or graphics. Graphics are more powerful. *Schipul can help with graphics and messaging.
    4. Set your budget. This is set up per ad click.
    5. Ads will show on pages  based on demographics
    6. Ad ideas:
      • Run your membership profile demographics to help set up target age groups
      • EX: Target ages 21-40 for all Houston areas and promote events and exhibits, membership drive, brick paver programs etc.
      • Target Dads
      • Target Grandparents
      • Etc.
  1. Read Facebook Promotional Guidelines  http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/promo_guidelines.php
  2. Offline Promotion – give stuff away to fans in your people and keep people coming back. More importantly drive traffic and revenue. Randomly pick someone or give some winning criteria.
    1. Offer Free Membership
    2. Offer Free admission
    3. Offer Free Birthday Parties
    4. Free Brick Paver

  3. Add Facebook profile link to your site
    1. Add Facebook profile links to your site, your blog and any other area you present yourself online.
    2. When profiles are healthy send out a newsletter to announcement your engagement. Watch the network grow…

The next step: Facebook Causes

What is Causes?
Causes is a Facebook Application that also happens to be the world’s largest online platform for social and political activism. Causes empowers both organizations and individuals to mobilize their social networks. Every single Facebook user has the tools to create a Cause for an issue or campaign, recruit others to join, spread awareness, and raise money for a non-profit beneficiary.

Any 501 (c)(3) organization can set up a Causes Page for free by filling out the Causes partner application. Note: "partner and "application" are very legal and scary sounding words, but any 501 (c)(3) is eligible! By partnering with Causes, non-profits receive official profiles and access to a central dashboard, where they can manage causes, track donations, and download donor contact information.
For more, check out our post on how Facebook causes can raise money for nonprofits on the Schipul blog.
If you have any questions about Social Marketing Packages for your organization, please call 281.497.6567 ext. 514 and ask for Kim Lange.

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